Search service crawling bug in SP2013 evaluation mode

If you follow Microsoft best practice to migrate site collections from SP2010 to SP2013, you need to upgrade the migrated site collections to “SP2013-evaluation mode" first. During that mode, SharePoint will use your SP2010 site existing data to create a new site collection with SP2013 code (Master, style, new control, etc) with a suffix “-eval" as the site collection name.

For example, your existing site collection URL is [ http://sp/sites/testing ]. In SP2013 evaluation mode, it will be named [ http://sp/sites/testing-eval ].

It is a great feature. However, if you setup crawling against this eval site, there will be chance the index messed up.

In my test environment, I have several site collection run in evaluation mode. I setup content sources separately crawl each site collections. But end up the index mess up each other.

i.e.  I have site collection A and B
I setup content sources A and B to crawl only A and B.
End up content source A contain both A & B’s item and source B contain only the landing page.



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