General procedure to migrate Project Web App 2010 (PWA 2010)

  1. Backup all PWA database:
    Draft database
    Published database
    Archive database
    Reporting database
    PWA site collection content database (you must move entire database, backup-spsite will not work for PWA!)
  2. Move the backup files prepared in step 1 to new SQL server and restore all of them.
  3. Using “Mount-SPContentDatabase" to mount the PWA site collection content database to target web application.
  4. Make sure the PWA site collection is recovered after step 3.
  5. Go to destination SharePoint farm CA > Manage service application > Project service application. Click on “Create Project Web App Site". In the path, type in the site collection path we recovered in step 3. In the database field, type in the database server and DB name from step 2.
  6. After the PWA is generated, you should see all projects, resources and workflows etc will be restored.
  7. In my case, everything is correct now. However you may get some component’s URL not updated. If so, click Site Settings within PWA -> Bulk Update Project Sites. Here you can bulk update the project sites’ path.


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